What Makes BMC Special

For decades, Boston Medical Center has stood as the city's caretaker, providing care, without question and without prejudice, to every patient who walks through its doors.

With 75 percent of the hospital's patients representing underserved populations, BMC sees hundreds of individuals with tragic life stories every day. Imagine the stress of a life-threatening health problem. Now, imagine that health problem in combination with seemingly hopeless life circumstances. The future would feel bleak—like an impossible mountain to climb—yet BMC's patients, with the hospital by their side, never give up.

In addition to exceptional medical care, the hospital provides hope: hope for a child removed from a dangerous home situation and brought to BMC's Pediatric Emergency Department; hope for a survivor of torture fleeing her home country in need of political asylum and health care; hope for a homeless veteran ill from spending winter nights sleeping on a park bench; and hope for an innocent teenage boy caught in the middle of street violence on his way home from school.

BMC also offers hope when the city needs it most, housing a nationally-recognized Emergency Department always prepared and ready to treat Boston's highly compromised citizens. Ever since the Boston Marathon bombing, where BMC treated the first wave of the most critically injured victims, the hospital has felt an even more powerful connection with Boston.

The Boston Marathon is illustrative of Boston and everything it stands for—it is a historic day to take pride and stock in a city so dear to our hearts. BMC is honored to join this celebration and to have many inspiring Team BMC runners—all who are now part of the BMC family. As a member of Team BMC, we run in honor of these patients, in honor of the providers and in honor of the city BMC helps to keep healthy.

The funds raised by this year's marathon team will go directly toward expanding and updating BMC's Emergency Department—a facility currently undersized and overcrowded—so the hospital and its staff can continue to provide more patients with exceptional care, without exception.

Thank you for your support—you are truly making a difference in the lives of our patients.