Building the New BMC Campaign

As Boston Medical Center continues to transform lives, the hospital is revolutionizing how it cares for patients. In 2014, BMC launched a major fundraising campaign titled Building the New BMC—a momentous time for innovation at the hospital. Now, more than ever, BMC is focused on advancing the programs and services proven to be vital in helping our community thrive. With a goal to raise $350 million over six years—$225 million to support a variety of research efforts and essential programs addressing the unique needs of our patient population, and $125 million to physically transform the hospital environment to best serve the long-term interests and needs of Boston—BMC is on a path to historically raise more money than any other public-mission hospital in the country.

Campaign Pillars

During the course of this campaign, BMC will raise significant funds to support three main pillars of the hospital.

Campaign Steering Committee

BMC's progress to date and ultimate success is due to many exemplary leaders in the Greater Boston area.

Our Supporters

BMC greatly depends on the support of its community—people who share a common belief that caring for Boston means caring for Boston Medical Center.


Every dollar invested in Boston Medical Center pays dividends and changes countless lives.