Campaign Pillars

Boston Medical Center is unique among Boston's medical institutions: it is the only hospital that exists principally to serve the city's poor, disenfranchised and most vulnerable citizens. More than 50 percent of BMC’s patients are working families making less than $22 thousand a year.

Caring for this community isn't ancillary to our mission, it is our mission, and for decades, BMC has stood as the national model for excellence in caring for the urban and working poor.

Every chapter in BMC's story is written for our patients. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient, no matter how complex the need, because we believe everyone deserves a chance to be the best version of themselves. We do so by caring for the patient as a whole, through complementary¬†world-class medical services and innovative community programs. When patients enter through our doors, every single person, regardless of their life circumstances or ability to pay, receives this type of exceptional medical care—delivered in a dignified, respectful setting—because health care is a basic human right.

Building the New BMC embodies this notion. Through three main pillars—transforming the campus, galvanizing our work to treat addiction and provide behavioral health services and sustain the many programs that ensure our patients are healthy—this historic, comprehensive campaign will¬†ultimately¬†transform lives.