Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

In 2016, Boston Medical Center established the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, built on its longstanding history of pioneering care for transgender patients. The center was created to help close the health care gap for the transgender community by serving as a single point of contact for all aspects of care. This comprehensive approach was the first in New England and made BMC a national leader in delivery of transgender medicine and surgical care. Of equal importance is the center's focus on education and research which promises to improve care for future generations.

BMC continued to demonstrate its leadership in transgender care in 2017 when it launched the Child and Adolescent Transgender Center for Health (CATCH), providing treatment and support of children, adolescents and young adults struggling with gender identity and gender non-conformity., CATCH serves as a medical home for patients and their families by offering compassionate and specialized support and care. The clinic treats patients ranging from elementary age children to adults in their early twenties which allows them a seamless transition to continue care into adulthood.

BMC works diligently to provide transgender patients with state-of-the-art gender affirming care and to diminish the stigma and discomfort many transgender people feel in the health care setting.