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Project ASSERT

Boston Medical Center is an expert in the field of addiction recovery and treatment.

Project ASSERT perfectly exemplifies its acronym—to innovatively improve Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services, Education, and Referral to Treatment. Since 1994, the program has proudly stood as an interventional resource for patients seeking help with substance abuse services.

A program of Boston Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Project ASSERT has served more than 60,000 patients and is a national model in substance abuse intervention. Project ASSERT believes in offering patients the opportunity to make healthier lifestyle changes in a non‐judgmental environment. The team, consisting of health promotion advocates, helps patients tackle the treatment system and assists with different steps in recovery such as establishing a primary care doctor, finding a suitable detox program, assisting with shelter and providing care to prevent opioid overdose. Project ASSERT achieves this while affirming the dignity of patients and their cultural backgrounds, beliefs and values.

Philanthropic support is crucial to sustaining Project ASSERT and delivering services to a patient population desperately needing our aid and expertise. Substance abuse treatment is typically not covered by insurance and patients often need help with transportation (especially when the only available detox center is out of town), food, or clothing.

The mission of Boston Medical Center is unique and clear: to provide exceptional care without exception to the people of Greater Boston.

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