Exceptional Neighbor Circle FAQs

I was welcomed to the Exceptional Neighbor Circle. What does that mean?
First, welcome! The Exceptional Neighbor Circle recognizes you, our most loyal donors, who give $1,000 and up to $25,000 annually to Boston Medical Center. This society is our way of recognizing your generous contribution. As an Exceptional Neighbor, you will help BMC make lasting strides toward equitable health outcomes for all.

What impact does my giving have at BMC?
Your annual giving to BMC supports many of our most critical programs and services for our community. From our Food Pantry to our Immigrant and Refugee Health Center, BMC programs support the changing needs of our community thanks to your generosity. Learn more about your impact.  

How do I qualify for membership in the Exceptional Neighbor Circle?
You qualify by making an annual gift of $1,000 and up to $25,000 annually to BMC during BMC's fiscal year, October 1-September 30. This might be a cumulative total or a single gift. Consider making a monthly recurring gift—you can do so by visiting our online donation form.

Are there benefits to membership?
Yes! There are many exclusive benefits for being a member, including unique opportunities throughout the year to engage with BMC.

I want to have a conversation about my gift to BMC and the Exceptional Neighbor Circle. Who do I contact?
Please contact Marcus Smith, BMC Fund manager, at Marcus.Smith@bmc.org to learn more about the Circle or to discuss your giving.

I do not want to be recognized in this way. Who do I contact?
Please contact Marcus Smith, BMC Fund manager, at Marcus.Smith@bmc.org if you wish to be removed from any listings and excluded from the Circle.