The Boston Triathlon

Join Us: Swim, Bike and Run through Boston with Team BMC in the Boston Triathlon on Sunday, July 30!

Join Team BMC to race in Boston’s only triathlon and help raise money to help fight addiction. You can register as an individual athlete, or even be a part of a relay team!

  • Runners must raise $750 to be a part of Team BMC in the Boston Triathlon.
  • Team BMC athletes will help fight the opioid epidemic plaguing our community, raising funds for BMC’s adolescent, young adult and adult addiction programs.
  • Members of Team BMC receive:
    • A complimentary training program, including organized runs and rides, swims and one-on-one personal attention.
    • Team BMC Boston Triathlon apparel.
    • Personalized fundraising page that makes it easy to share with family and friends.
    • Custom fundraising tips and tricks from our staff.
    • Free entry into the 2017 Boston Triathlon. BMC will register all athletes with the Boston Tri and athletes should expect a confirmation email with completion.

For more information about the Boston Triathlon course, please visit the Boston Triathlon site here.

Team BMC 2017 Sign-Up Form
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21 * Click the link below to view the 2017 terms and conditions for Team BMC Boston Triathlon
22 * Click second link below to view the 2017 terms and conditions for the ethos II, Boston Triathlon LLC.



Please click here to read the 2017 Boston Triathlon Terms and Conditions.


Please click here to read the 2017 ethos II, Boston Triathlon LLC Terms and Conditions. 


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