Chantel Mayo Bringing Her Style to Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care

For more than five years, Chantel and Jerod Mayo have warmly embraced Boston Medical Center and its patients, lending their voices and support to the hospital in countless ways. From giving holiday gifts to pediatric patients to raising more than $1.6 million for BMC Pediatrics through their signature event, the Mayo Bowl, the Mayos are mainstays in helping Boston’s most vulnerable children and families. In fact, Jerod recently joined BMC’s Board of Trustees, which preserves and promotes the hospital’s mission to provide consistently excellent and accessible health services to all.

Just as impressive as Chantel’s giving spirit is her keen eye for fashion and styling. Her longtime career in all things beauty and fashion has spanned many years, making her the go-to for knowing the top trends and forecasting what will be the next big style. Recently, Chantel honed in on her passion for children’s fashion, launching The Brand Finale in 2016. The curated boutique collection offers kids the opportunity to express themselves through fashion, with stylish clothing and accessories.

Later this month, Chantel will combine her passions for giving back and fashion at the Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care event. As one of this year’s stylists, Chantel will be dressing the children of patient models with the latest looks from The Brand Finale. Her hope is for every child to feel their best as they take their celebratory walks down the runway with their families.

As we look forward to Catwalk, Chantel shares with us what inspires her style, her brand and what it means to her to support BMC’s cancer patients and their families.

“I know how hard a parent’s job is, let alone a parent undergoing cancer treatment, so it is a blessing for us to help in any way we can.” — Chantel Mayo

Q: Can you tell us about your history with BMC?

A: My husband Jerod and I were introduced to BMC by Jerod’s agent, Kim Zayotti. We fell in love with BMC’s mission and work and have been supporting them through our Mayo Bowl since 2011.

Q: How did you become involved in styling?

A: My background is in cosmetology and the two are naturally related. However, my styling career began with styling some Patriots clients. I began doing their hair and it evolved from there.

Q: Please tell us about The Brand Finale.    

A: The Brand Finale is an exclusive curated boutique collection founded in 2016. The online retail space boasts today’s most fashionable children’s attire. The Brand Finale collection possesses chic, modern, on-trend styles, with attention to detail and quality that ensures the clothes will last for years.

Q: What inspires you when it comes to fashion? How is that incorporated into your brand?

A. I base a lot of what I do on family coordination. I enjoy styling them as a cohesive family unit. I love a lot of neutrals. I create on trend styles that I find by forecasting. I strive to develop mini versions of today’s up and coming trends.

Q: How do you want people to feel when they are shopping for and wearing items from your collection?

A: My brand is for the unique child or parent that wants to express themselves through fashion. I want each child to feel different and special. Every parent should feel confident that they are dressing their child in an outfit that they will not see on every other child in school.

Q: As a stylist for this year’s Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care, what are you looking forward to the most? 

A: I am looking forward to our whole family giving back together—especially through fashion.

Q: You will be styling the children of patients. Why do you think it’s important to include them in the Catwalk experience?

A: A parent’s illness can be upsetting and confusing to a child, and if I can bring joy to them for one evening with vibrant colors, rainbows and cool graphics then sign me up!  I know it will brighten my children’s day to interact with them, give them each a gift and put a smile on their faces.

Q: Can you share with us what we can expect to see on the runway?

A: You can expect to see some edgy styles ranging from distressed sweaters, statement windbreakers, varsity style sets and bright rain gear.

Q: What does it mean to you to support BMC’s patients and their families through this event?

A: I am passionate about fashion and Jerod and I have been supporting BMC for 7 years now.  So to be involved with an event which allows my passions to collide is very rewarding.  I know how hard a parent’s job is, let alone a parent undergoing cancer treatment, so it is a blessing for us to help in any way we can.

Check out The Brand Finale by clicking here.