Ten-Word Stories: Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon

One might argue there are no words to describe the feeling of running the Boston Marathon. However, Team BMC was tasked with doing just that, and in just 10 words. The result: pure inspiration.

What inspired you to run the Boston Marathon with Team BMC?

“To be a part of something bigger than myself.” — Haley Malerbi

“I’ve worked with BMC on the Columbia Threadneedle Investments Boston Triathlon for two years. I’ve never ran a marathon. I just had to do it for Team BMC.” — Ben Cummings

“To support the health of all of my Boston neighbors.” — Samantha Gluck

“My children lost their father and BMC helped us cope.” — Catherine Cullen

“I’m running because an amazing organization took a chance on me!” — Tatum O’Sullivan

“For my Dad and the incredible life-saving BMC Amyloid Team.” — Ricky Kahn

What does it mean to you to run in support of BMC?

“I’ve seen firsthand the work that BMC does in the community particularly around addiction. This is a topic close to my heart, having affected people close to me, too.” — Ben Cummings

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” — Ronald Reagan/Chris Dupay

“BMC gives me a purpose. Boston teaches me perseverance.” — Ashley Delbridge

What will you be thinking about to keep you going on Marathon Monday?

Crossing the line; my greatest achievement, #1 bucket list conquered. — Elizabeth Demaio

“Making a difference with every dollar raised and mile completed!” — Laura Wallace

“I’m running the same roads my father did.” — Tatum O’Sullivan

“Motivation, BMC’s veterans support and finishing 2006 Iraqi Boston Marathon.” — Keith Belanger

What will be going through your mind when you cross the finish line?

Wow, what an experience! (I hope!) That was worth every penny of the $10,000 fundraising and more. — Ben Cummings