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Friends of Women's Health: Women Supporting the Communities of BMC

Welcome to the online home of Boston Medical Center's Friends of Women's Health. In today’s economic and public health climate, the well-being and empowerment of women are integral to the vitality of the communities in which we exist.


The Friends of Women’s Health at Boston Medical Center are championing their support to BMC’s courageous, resourceful, hard-working women in the communities that BMC  serves – the women of Boston that face the toughest socioeconomic and cultural circumstances. These women have a range of needs including transportation, interpreter services, and child care as they navigate intergenerational responsibilities for themselves and their families.

Now in their sixth year, the Friends of Women's Health has become a formidable force on campus that helps improve the lives of patients and families for the better.

The Friends of Women's Health, in consultation with BMC care providers, have already achieved remarkable results through projects that include renovations in the OB/GYN area, book drives, discharge packages, new patient care packages for female oncology patients, and the group’s signature event, an annual cancer survivor lunch.

When women are healthy and connected, so are their families and communities. Conversely, when women are not well and without excellent care, the well being of entire families and even communities are endangered. Speaking for BMC's care providers and patients, I thank the Friends of Women's Health for their commitment and support for Boston’s families. In the weeks to come we will use this venue to keep you connected to our programs and services. I hope you find this site useful and informative.


Kate Walsh
President and Chief Executive Officer
Boston Medical Center


The mission of Boston Medical Center is unique and clear: to provide exceptional care without exception to the people of Greater Boston.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014, 11:30am - 1:00pm
Hotel 140
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Vitamin D and its Role in Your Health
Presentation by Dr. Michael Holick, Professor of Medicine, Dermatology and Physiology

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