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After the Breastfeeding Center at BMC was established in 1999, the rate of new mothers starting to breastfeed at the hospital rose from 58% to 87% and has remained high. BMC’s breastfeeding rate in 2007 reached an all-time high of 91%. A key to the high breastfeeding rates among women from minority groups and lower socio-economic backgrounds has been the involvement of peer counselors, lactation consultants and Birth Sisters. Birth Sisters are trained in lactation management and are available for consultation and support for women in the hospital and after they go home.

In 1999, BMC was awarded Baby-Friendly Hospital designation by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. BMC is one of only 61 hospitals nationally, and the first in Massachusetts, to hold this prestigious award. The hospital provides inpatient and outpatient lactation consultant services, offers breastfeeding classes five days a week, maintains a telephone support line and has four on-site breastfeeding rooms. The center is also one of the nation’s leading research and advocacy centers for breastfeeding, which helps mother and infant to bond and provides the baby with antibodies that help protect against bacteria and viruses.

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