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Boston Marathon Program

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Fill out application below to apply for our 2017 Boston Marathon team. Please note, all answers have a character limit of 255, so please fill out accordingly. For any questions, please contact team.bmc@bmc.org.


Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
Personal Information:
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Gender:
* Birth Date (Date/Month/Year):
* Address Line 1:
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* City, State, Zip:
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1 * Why would you like to run for Boston Medical Center’s Team BMC?
2 * How familiar are you with Boston Medical Center and its mission in providing exceptional care, without exception to all regardless of their ability to pay? Explain.
3 * Team BMC is a top performing charity team. We offer support every step of your training and fundraising. This year, our goal is for each runner to exceed the $5,000 minimum and raise $10,000. What is your personal fundraising goal?
4 * What will your message be to potential donors when asking them to support your fundraising and training efforts?
5 * We have learned that the most successful fundraising runners are those who have a clear-cut and well thought out plan for reaching the $10,000 goal. It includes starting early and using multiple methods to fundraise. What is your fundraising plan?
6 * Have potential donors? Please describe in detail:
7 * Please describe any previous charity fundraising experience you’ve had and what your fundraising results were.
8 * Does your employer match charitable contributions?
9 * How many times have you run the Boston Marathon?
10 * What is your goal time for the Boston Marathon?
11 * Are you B.A.A. qualified?
12 If yes, please list your qualifying time and marathon:
13 * How often do you think you’ll be able to participate in training runs?
14 * How likely will you participate in team events? ie: welcome meeting, running/training lectures, socials, etc?
15 * Tell us about yourself! Hobbies/Sports/Community Interests/Volunteer Activities/Greatest achievement?
16 * How did you hear about Team BMC?
* What is your t-shirt size?
* What is your singlet size?
* What social network sites do you use? (Click all that apply)
* Emergency Contact Name:
* Emergency Contact Relation:
* Emergency Contact Phone:
* 2nd Emergency Contact Name:
* 2nd Emergency Contact Relation:
* 2nd Emergency Contact Phone:
17 * If I become a member of Team BMC, you may include my information in the contact directory:
18 * Click the link below to review Terms and Conditions. Your application is not complete until signed and returned.


Please click here to read the 2017 Boston Marathon Terms and Conditions.


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The mission of Boston Medical Center is unique and clear: to provide exceptional care without exception to the people of Greater Boston.

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