Boston Medical Center is more than a hospital. It is a network of support and care that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need each year. Our videos feature stories of hope and compassion as told by the BMC patients that have lived them.

A Second Chance at Life - A Glimpse at Exceptional Cancer Care through the Eyes of Survivors

A concert pianist, whose career was in jeopardy, a former English teacher coping with a life-threatening illness and a man with a World Series ring, who sought a life-saving clinical trial: Three patients describe how cutting-edge treatments at Boston Medical Center’s Cancer Care Center gave them a second chance at life. Watch the video.

Taking Extraordinary Measures

At Boston Medical Center, caregivers take extraordinary measures to make sure that families are given a chance to thrive, couples are given more time and babies are given a future. It’s BMC’s commitment to exceptional care, without exception that makes this hospital a beacon of hope for so many. Watch the video.

A Place of Hope and Compassion

Boston Medical Center is a place of hope and compassion, healing and renewal, but it is also a place with cutting-edge technologies and medical expertise, where lives are changed everyday. Watch three real-life patient stories that demonstrate BMC's mission of exceptional care, without exception. Watch the video.


Treating the City's Most Vulnerable Children

Boston Medical Center's Grow Clinic for Children provides crucial outreach for children suffering from malnutrition in Boston. The clinic specializes in treating children with Failure to Thrive (FTT), a condition that impedes weight gain and growth. Watch the video.

Delivering Tiny Miracles

Boston Medical Center is the only certified "Baby Friendly" hospital in Massachusetts as recognized by the World Health Organization. Find out more about BMC's exceptional maternal and neonatal care through the eyes of three mothers who gave birth here. Watch the video.

Inside New England’s Busiest Trauma Center

Three patient stories highlight Boston Medical Center's expertise in emergency and trauma care. Watch the video.

Exceptional Care. Without Exception.

Exceptional Care. Without Exception: A look at what Boston Medical Center's mission means to BMC's patients and doctors. Watch the video.


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