Why We Ride: BMC's Pediatric Patients

We ride to support our most vulnerable patients, who at a very young age experience the reality of life’s hardships. At BMC, we nurture our pediatric patients back to health by providing life-changing clinical and social support. Read below to learn more about our patients and why they need your support.


Newborn Receives Life-Saving Care at BMC
For Ligardine Myrthal what should have been one of the happiest days in her life turned tragic when she was rushed to the operating room for an emergency cesarean section. Read More.

  1 in 110: BMC Helps Tommy’s Parents Navigate a Devastating Diagnosis
Everything was progressing well for baby Tommy. He was reaching all of his milestones on time:  smiling, waving, crawling and walking. Read More.

  Infant Offered New Life by BMC's Child Protection Team
Baby JD* was brought to Boston Medical Center’s Pediatric Emergency Department after experiencing seizures. Soon after his arrival, he fell into a coma, spending nearly a week in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Read More.

  BMC's Grow Clinic Helps Tiny Taliah Get on Track
During her first year of life, Donald and Basheba Isidor noticed that their youngest daughter Taliah was not growing as quickly as their other three children had. Friends and family would always comment on her small size. Read More.

  Mother and Son Saved by Coordination of Adult and Pediatric Sickle Cell Teams at BMC
Claudia Millien and her son Joshua both suffer from Sickle Cell Disease. Boston Medical Center’s department of Hematology Oncology has been there for them throughout their challenging journey. Read More.

  Dietary Treatment for Epilepsy Helps Young Patient
Lynzi Janae Rideout started having seizures when she was just ten months old. To stop them her parents tried five different medications before turning to a Vagal Nerve Stimulator when she was four. Read More.


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