Upcoming Team BMC Events

Team BMC is proud to announce the following 2016 Team BMC events. The page will be updated on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see what’s going on with Team BMC!

February 7 Kelli O’Donohues SpinClass atFlywheelSportsPrudential Center, 2:30pm

February 8  BAA Clinic #3: Nutrition and Training

February 12 – Rachel Hewes’ “Beads for BMC” event at West End Johnnies

February 25Run BMC Social Work Fundraiser at Dillons, 5:30pm

March 4 – Laura Regan’s fundraiser at Rattlesnake

                – Chris Butler's fundraiser at American Legions in Dedham, MA.

March 7  BAA Clinic #4: Women's Only Clinic

March 10 – BlackRock Ned Devine’s fundraiser, 5-9pm

April 4  BAA Clinic #5: Race Preparation


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