A Second Chance for a Red Sox Fan

Roy was featured in the 2012 BMC Gala video. Watch his story below.

When Roy Davis was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 70, he got lucky – lucky that Boston Medical Center could offer a cutting-edge clinical trial that promised to shrink his tumor. As the former host of the Boston Red Sox Owner’s Suite, Roy found himself facing a monumental season when the 2004 team went on to win the World Series, thus ending an 86-year long losing streak. After falling under the weather that spring, he decided to go to the BMC Emergency Department where a series of tests revealed a tumor in his rectum. He never thought his symptoms could mean cancer.

A multi-disciplinary team was gathered by chief of Radiation and Oncology, Dr. Lisa Kachnic.  Through a combined protocol of Chemotherapy and Radiation, they were able to shrink Roy’s incredibly large and late-stage tumor to microscopic and easily removable size. No other hospital in Boston offered such an approach.

“I think that we’re the best kept secret in the city,” Dr. Kachnic remarks. “Mr. Davis is an excellent example – he went on a national clinical trial that part of our team designed, did extremely well, and is here today to tell about it.”

For Roy, Boston Medical Center represents a second chance – something he’ll always treasure.




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