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Building the New BMC Physician Campaign Council

Gary Balady, M.D. Section of Cardiovascular Medicine
Emelia Benjamin, M.D. Department of Medicine
Peter Burke, M.D.  Department of Surgery
Stephen Christiansen, M.D. Department of Ophthalmology
Tracey Dechert, M.D. Department of Surgery 
Anand Devaiah, M.D., Co-Chair  Department of Otolaryngology
Alan Farwell, M.D.  Department of Medicine
Gregory Grillone, M.D.   Department of Otolaryngology 
Kenneth Grundfast, M.D.         Department of Otolaryngology 
Paul Hendessi, M.D.  Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jeffrey Kalish, M.D. Department of Endovascular Surgery
Virginia Litle, M.D. Department of Thoracic Surgery
Brendan Magauran, M.D.  Department of Emergency Medicine
Pushkar Mehra, D.M.D. Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Asim Mian, M.D.  Department of Radiology 
David McAneny, M.D.  Department of Surgery 
Jane Mendez, M.D.  Department of Surgery
Jonathan Olshaker, M.D., Co-Chair  Department of Emergency Medicine
Jeffrey Samet, M.D. Department of General Internal Medicine
Megan Sandel, M.D. Division of Pediatrics
Kitt Shaffer, M.D.  Department of Radiology 
Ben Siegel, M.D. Division of Pediatrics
Tony Tannoury, M.D.  Department of Orthopaedic Surgery 
Robert Vinci, M.D.  Division of Pediatrics



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