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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hospitals have physician giving campaigns?

Coupled with rising costs in healthcare, meeting the needs of a hospital’s growing and diverse population can be an immense challenge—one that requires both collaboration and commitment. With the help of its most dedicated physicians a hospital can better meet this challenge—and more effectively serve its community as a result. Physicians have high credibility and clout when it comes to the outside community and it’s people of the Boston community who compose the greatest supporters of BMC.

Why does the BMC Physician Campaign matter?

Physicians have a vested interest in the success of the campaign which will transform BMC. The campus renovation projects will transform the campus into a more patient-centered, staff-friend, efficient space. When physicians lend their personal support, they are lending credibility to this effort which is important to our hospital donors who are making their personal gifts motivated by generosity and a belief in the work we do at BMC.

BMC has an opportunity to receive an additional $1.5 million in philanthropic dollars from a generous Boston family if we can meet our goal by December 2016.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. BMC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. When you make your contribution, you will receive a statement of acknowledgement that you can use for tax purposes.

Does my gift need to be designated to the Building the New BMC Campaign to count?

Yes. Gifts are supporting the capital project. For every dollar we raise, we are saving the hospital money that can be used to support other priorities.

Is there flexibility to making my gift?

Absolutely. You can pledge a gift for up to five years, use payroll deduction, transfer appreciated securities, set up a recurring payment using a credit card, whatever works best for you.

Would I have to complete my pledge should I leave BMC?

No. Your pledge is binding for only as long as you are employed with BMC.

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