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Boston Marathon Program

Team BMC for the Boston Marathon

Thanks to John Hancock Financial, Team BMC—for the past 14 years—has proudly participated in Boston’s historic Marathon. To date, the program has raised more than $3.8 million for Boston Medical Center, recruiting hundreds of committed marathoners from all levels of experience who are excited to cross the finish line as a member of Team BMC.

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Run with us!  

There are a lot of benefits to running with Team BMC, and we have a lot fun too! Some of the great benefits we provide are:

  • A complimentary training program with the one of the best trainers in Boston
  • Team BMC apparel including t-shirts, running singlets and more
  • Custom fundraising tips and tricks
  • Plenty of content and fun events that help you get to know BMC
  • Private warm up space at the start line in Hopkinton, and private family meeting space at the Finish Line in Copley
  • Your own personal BMC cheering sections along the way

Support us:

As the safety-net hospital of Greater Boston, it is our duty to provide high-quality, low-cost care to our patients. BMC is devoted to caring for all our patients’ needs, medical and otherwise, and has spent considerable time developing critical services that are not reimbursable. We choose to execute these programs because they are in the best interest of our patients and provide the best possible care. Our Food Pantry is a great instance of this where we have dedicated years of providing prescription-based food to BMC families because it is an important part of a person’s overall health. As is our Emergency Department and Level 1 Trauma Center which offer outstanding, nationally-recognized care to patients from all walks of life. These comprehensive approaches are only a couple examples placing us in the position to lead the market in delivering integrated care—the future of health care.

For more than 20 years, our donors have stood by our side, helping us lead the charge in our medical and social endeavors so we can change the trajectory of our patients’ lives. Change of this magnitude is only possible when we come together, and we welcome you to join us in our pursuit. Your support is integral to the existence of programs and services our patients rely—and thrive—on, with many depending solely on philanthropic support. By donating to Team BMC you are showing your commitment to the entire city of Boston.

How we support you:

The BMC staff work hand-in-hand with our runners to assure your success. Each member of Team BMC is supported throughout all aspects of training and fundraising. The Boston Marathon Program is a major priority for our staff, the entire BMC community and our board of trustees and philanthropic trust. Although you have to do the bulk of heavy lifting with training, running and fundraising, our staff stands with you every step of the way, bringing value to all your efforts in order to maximize success.

If you want to be part of an exciting and engaging team, and help one of Boston’s most important institutions, Team BMC is the marathon program for you. 

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The mission of Boston Medical Center is unique and clear: to provide exceptional care without exception to the people of Greater Boston.

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