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BMC has a strong tradition of providing high quality, innovative addiction services for adults, including clinical care, education and research. Our Addiction Services programs treat our most vulnerable patients, those who have already developed a substance use disorder and those who have begun experimenting with substances.

BMC is a leader in addiction medicine and the busiest, most comprehensive center for behavioral health, and alcohol and substance usetreatment. Here are a few examples of our most innovative programs:

  • Project ASSERT: Project ASSERT perfectly exemplifies its acronym—to innovatively improve Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services, Education, and Referral to Treatment. Since 1994, the program has proudly stood as an interventional resource for patients seeking help with substance abuse services. A program of Boston Medical Center’s Emergency Department, Project ASSERT has served more than 60,000 patients and is a national model in substance abuse intervention. Click here to read more about Project ASSERT
  • Project RESPECT: Project RESPECT (Recovery, Empowerment, Social Services, Prenatal Care, Education, Community and Treatment) treats pregnant women with opioid dependence and addresses the additional challenges of having a successful pregnancy while addicted. Mothers who received treatment are less likely: to relapse; to be involved in reports of suspected child abuse/neglect; or to have their parental rights terminated. Children of this program are less likely to be placed out of the home. To read more about Project RESPECT and hear Cassie’s story, please click here.
  • CATALYST: The Center for Addiction Treatment for AdoLescents/Young adults who use SubsTances, is a new, innovative service treating patients younger than 24 years old who have just begun to use substances with the hope of preventing addiction, as well as patients who have already developed a substance use disorder. Click here to read more about the CATALYST Clinic

Your support helps us continue to provide provides exceptional care, without exception to all that walk through our doors.

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