Happy National Doctors’ Day

We take pride in the exceptional care our doctors provide and thank them for all they do to fuel our mission. To recognize them this National Doctors’ Day, March 30, we asked our community of patients, colleagues, donors, and friends to send messages of kudos and well wishes. Enjoy!

Donate in honor of BMC docs

Gratitude to Dr. John Berk for his care, diagnosis and empathy!

Grateful for the care my husband has received from doctors over the past few years, especially in the cancer department. They never made him feel he was just a number. Also, praise to our PCP and the staff in the Charles River Medical Practice.

I attend BMC for all my medical needs with various depts. As an immigrant, I find kinship and rapport with other international doctors that I see on my visits there. I appreciate the civility of all the staff that I encounter.

I donate in honor of Dr. Helm and all the staff and nurses at BMC.

Dr. Slama/Plastics, Thank you for your intellect, kind demeanor, understanding, and care of our daughter. You told us at our first appointment that we had the best team for her care at BMC, and how right you were. Forever grateful.

Thank you, Dr. Marcin Trojanowski, for all you have done for me! Your care, compassion, and brilliance has taken me from some very dark days back to myself again. I can never adequately express the depth of my gratitude.

Thank you, Dr. Cooper, for sharing book recommendations and compression sock companies while monitoring my bacterial counts. You catalyzed my interest in microbiology and fostered it with the visit to lab. I always look forward to my appointments with you.

The way the staff at Dr. Rowe’s clinic interacts, listens and ‘hears’ the patient’s concerns is very special.

We want to recognize Dr. Minh Tam Truong for all the great work that she does.

I am employee on the overnight shift and had a serious injury to my left index finger and long or middle finger cutting the tendons. I had surgery in the morning, and Dr. Duene is an amazing surgeon. One year later, I have almost 100% mobility.

In honor of Dr. Albert Ara Kalustian for his dedication and commitment to BMC’s core principle “exceptional care without exception.”

I am grateful for the care BMC has provided since we moved to Boston five years ago. I appreciate the care and concern Dr. Heather Edwards and her team have provided through two surgeries and three years follow-up. Thank you.

Shout out to Dr. Chadi Tannoury, Dr. Nicoletta, Dr. Jaberi, Dr. Szalat, Dr. Freccero, Dr. Avissar, Dr. Vaynberg. Dr. Stein and Dr. Dinc. Thank you for all the great care you have given to me and my husband.

Thanks to Dr. Hess, Dr. Izzo and their teams. I love BMC as a former employee and long-time patient. BMC has been a model of equity and diversity for long before others. Exceptional care for everyone!

We would like to thank BMC for having a gerontologist like Dr. Lisa Caruso among the medical staff. She is everything one would want in a physician, and more! A real caregiver in every sense of the word.

I give in honor of Dr. Omar Siddiqi.

The best doctor I have met this year is Dr. Bilal Fawaz. Thank you for being so kind, teaching, and encouraging. I look up to you.

Dr. Mark Katz, thank you for putting up with me while I was grumpy during my cancer battle. Your care, bedside manner and humor got me over some really rough spots. You’re the best!

Thanks to Dr. Ravin Davidoff for many years of good advice!

I’m donating in honor of Dr. Vitaliy Volansky, a hard working and caring provider to his patient community.

BMC doctors are the best! Thank you for all you do every day. Happy Doctors’ Day!

I was treated for a stroke through the ER in 2013. I want to thank all my doctors and staff for my treatment.

Thank all of you for your dedication to all of us!

This gift is in honor of the dedication and care provided by Dr. Mandy Coles to the LGBTQ+ community and to BMC’s support of the CATCH program.

Thank you Dr. Sanchorawala and the staff at the Amyloidosis Clinic for giving me back a life.

Thank you so much Dr. Lin, Dr. Mattar, Dr. Kimball and all other physicians at Boston Medical Center for the help and care rendered to me for 6 years now. I am really grateful.

BMC doctors are the picture of humility and humanity! Grateful for the care they give all of us.

Thank you for taking care of our community. You touch so many lives and improve the world for all of us. Know that we see your efforts and appreciate you beyond words!

Happy National Doctors’ Day! This world has become a better and healthier place to live in with doctors bringing the joy of health and goodness to our lives.

When I was diagnosed with a rare TMJ disorder, I wasn’t sure what to think and I was really scared. Dr. Mehra was so nice and sat with me to explain everything. I’m excited to continue working with him!

Thank you Dr. Ress and Dr. Shertukde for keeping me and my family healthy!

Dr. Sanchorawala, thank you for the best care! You are kind, considerate and extremely caring. Thank you for keeping me going!

For nearly 30 years I’ve been fortunate to have the best medical care anyone could want through Boston City Hospital, now BMC. In particular I am most grateful for Dr. Murabito and the good health she has kept me in all these years. Thank you!