BMC Employee Giving

Boston Medical Center employees are the foundation of providing exceptional care, without exception. Their dedication ensures that all people who come through our doors receive the leading treatments, services, and resources to be well.

Giving back is another important way employees can support BMC patients and the community. Generosity from employees like you is crucial in fueling hospital programs and initiatives that rely solely on philanthropy. Join us by:



  • Join a Team BMC charity athletic event, such as the Boston Marathon or Boston Triathlon teams.
  • Create your own fundraiser. Set up a fundraising page and ask for donations in honor of your birthday. Host a community bake sale. Plan a trivia night or another event that fits your interests.

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Why I Give: Employee Donor Spotlight

Chrissy LeBedis Chrissy LeBedis, MD, MS
Associate Professor
Vice Chair of Research
Department of Radiology

Chrissy LeBedis, MD, MS, has been an employee at BMC since 2004. As a radiologist, she screens patients for different types of cancer, and holds BMC's mission of exceptional care without exception close to her heart. After noticing that her patients were struggling to make their appointments due to lack of transportation or inability to reschedule, she decided she needed to do more to make cancer screenings more equitable and accessible for her patients. Chrissy began raising money with Team BMC and ran her first Boston Marathon in 2012. She ran again in 2021, 2022, and is training for 2023. "I feel like I'm in a place where I can help, and there's this impetus to use any opportunity that I can to draw attention to issues."

Kenneth Grundfast, MD, FACS Kenneth Grundfast, MD, FACS
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Assistant Dean, Office of Student Affairs, Boston University School of Medicine

Kenneth Grundfast, MD, FACS, began giving through payroll deduction soon after he began working at BMC. He truly believes in our mission and wanted to do what he could beyond providing patient care. Grundfast came to realize that caring for his patients required many different resources, and he gives back so BMC can deliver these important resources to all patients. “At BMC, I have had the opportunity to do everything I ever hoped to do as a physician – BMC has been very good to me, so I feel good about making financial contributions to the place that means so much to me.”

Carole Harris, RN Carole Harris, RN
Endoscopy, Gastroenterology

Carole Harris, RN, is proud to work at BMC and has for more than half her lifetime. Its mission inspired Harris to begin supporting BMC and is why she still does. "After experiencing the care for my mother at BMC and so many friends and family, I knew that BMC is not just a job. BMC was my home and a place that strives to care for all patients, as if they were family." Harris sees donating as "part of an oath we take as caregivers" and understands how philanthropy can help ease the burden on healthcare workers and provide more essential prevention services to the community.

Latchman Hiralall, DTR Latchman Hiralall, DTR
Manager, Preventive Food Pantry

Latchman Hiralall, DTR, made his first charitable gift by purchasing a commemorative brick for the Moakley building. He then began donating to BMC through payroll deduction and has been giving ever since. Hiralall sees the impact of donations on the community and BMC programs, like the Preventive Food Pantry, that are 100% funded by philanthropy. He recognizes that giving even a small amount through payroll deduction adds up to make a difference. "So much work is being done to treat our patients with dignity and respect, and I am proud to be able to assist in that work by giving back."