Gift Planning

As you reflect on your life’s path and remember experiences and organizations important to you and your values, you may find yourself thinking about a gift to Boston Medical Center. Interested in learning more? Already included Boston Medical Center in your philanthropic plans? Let us know.

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Give the gift of good health

Philanthropic gifts that take thoughtful planning have several forms. A few of the more common structures are:

  • Current gifts from your IRA – Gifts resulting from a direct transfer of a portion of your qualified IRA to Boston Medical Center, formally known as Individual Retirement Account Qualified Charitable Distributions (IRA QCDs). Download our fact sheet to learn more.
  • Income-producing gifts – Gifts funded now to provide income to you and/or others for a number of years or for life, with the remaining amount directed to Boston Medical Center.
  • Future gifts by beneficiary designation – Gifts resulting from naming Boston Medical Center a final beneficiary of all or a portion of a retirement plan, donor-advised fund, or similar asset.
  • Future gifts through your estate – Gifts resulting from including Boston Medical Center in an estate planning document such as a trust or will. Need a will? Create one using Giving Docs. It’s safe, secure, and free for life. Get started.

How we work with you: A personal approach

In confidential partnership with you and, if you wish, your professional advisors, we can help you think through your plans by:

  • suggesting options, including documentation and specific language, for structuring the charitable impact you envision at BMC while aligning with your personal philanthropic and financial goals.
  • analyzing how various assets you hold, such as appreciated stock, business interests, real estate, etc., could be directed to BMC. Different assets transfer in different ways, and we can highlight various processes as well as any associated tax advantages.
  • getting creative. Use a different asset from that which you were initially considering, and/or have a greater philanthropic impact than you originally thought possible.

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To learn more, schedule a confidential conversation, or notify us that you already have included Boston Medical Center in your philanthropic plans, please contact Kristine Otto, JD, PhD, Director of Gift Planning, at 617-414-5505 or

Gift Planning at Boston Medical Center is pleased to provide charitable gift information, though does not provide official legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal and tax advisors for applicability to your own situation.