Campaign Pillars

Patient Support Services

Our patients and the community at large count on BMC to deliver on its mission to create a healthier Boston by providing world class medical care to the city's least fortunate. Assisting this unique and uniquely challenging population requires creativity and originality in tackling the multiple socio-economic factors that complicate and compound the illness burden they bear. Caring for the sick and the injured goes beyond the walls of the hospital.

Every day, BMC staff and medical professionals walk out our own doors and deep into the community. For the last twenty years, BMC has been a widely recognized national model for dozens of effective, community-based social service programs, tackling the enormous challenges of addiction, mental illness, food insecurity, violence, poverty and social isolation. This is how BMC has continued to pave the way in successfully treating Boston's poor—those who live on the society's margins.

And if the best solution doesn't yet exist, we create one.