Employee Donor Annette Shepard-Williams

Annette Shepard-Williams has always loved Boston. She was born at Boston City Hospital, grew up in Roxbury, and knew that she wanted to pursue an education, achieve a career, and ultimately start a family in her home city.

When she began working at BMC in 1982, Shepard-Williams realized that she had found her calling. A facilities office manager, she has now worked at BMC for 28 years. She cites the BMC community, fellow employees, and her three mantras as her daily motivators:

“I am the happiest employee at BMC.”

“Patients are always first.”

“I will always love Boston Medical Center.”

Shepard-Williams has also donated to BMC for 20 consecutive years, supporting the hospital’s greatest needs through The BMC Fund. When asked why she gives back, she shared, “How could I not give something? I’ve gained so much from BMC, and I’m always compelled to give back.” Shepard-Williams has been promoted an incredible six times and has benefited from educational opportunities and tuition reimbursement. She even purchased her first home thanks to her successful tenure.

As facilities office manager, Shepard-Williams appreciates working with many different areas of the hospital. She interacts with nursing staff, housekeeping, environmental services, dietary, patients, and more to ensure the office space allows employees to do their best work. When Shepard-Williams was asked by her colleagues if she knew a notary public, she became one in 2007. Her love of BMC runs so deep that during the beginning of the pandemic, she went into the office every day to assist other departments. For Shepard-Williams, BMC is about community: “It’s the people, their enthusiasm, their ability to do their jobs and be enthusiastic about it.”

“I’m a lifer at BMC.”

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