Comprehensive Care Program

The longstanding Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) serves many of the Boston area's highest risk, most underserved families. Focused on addressing problems behind the medical issue, CCP cares for children who have one or more complex, chronic conditions, including consequences of being born premature, developmental delays, neurologic disorders such as seizures and cerebral palsy, and/or genetic conditions. These children require more specialty care and supportive services, which can be difficult for families struggling with limited resources and psychosocial stressors. CCP helps alleviate challenges and potential barriers to care by taking a multidisciplinary approach so patients and families can thrive and remain healthy outside of the hospital's walls.

CCP is one of only a handful of programs in the nation dedicated to serving vulnerable children with complex medical needs, caring for approximately 500 children each year from birth to 21 years of age. To help families, CCP utilizes a model of integrated care in which multiple specialty care provider visits (such as orthopedics, surgery, neurology, cardiology, nutrition, etc.) are co-scheduled to coincide with the patient's visit to the primary care physician. This provides more efficient care, minimizes the need for multiple hospital visits and oftentimes means less time away from work and school. Critically, the unique structure of the CCP clinic permits patients to be seen for longer periods of time during visits, allowing for more issues to be identified and addressed. "CCP deals with the highest risk pediatric patients—those who are often homeless, dealing with toxic stresses in the household, non-English speaking and/or dealing with high rates of mental and cognitive illness," explains director Jack Maypole, MD. "There are versions of this program in the country, but at BMC, our patient population makes each case unique. It could be a housing issue for one child today, a medical issue for another child tomorrow and sometimes all those things at once. At BMC, there is a fundamental value to structure our effort to treat these children and ensure sustainability."