Immigrant and Refugee Health Center

Boston Medical Center has stood as a leader in care and a source of healing for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers for decades. Now BMC is expanding its ability and capacity to care for current and incoming patients with the new Immigrant and Refugee Health Center. The center, which is described as "a single point of entry into coordinated network of medical, mental health and social care," will provide wraparound care tailored to each individual patient.

As such, the Immigrant and Refugee Health Center unites several disciplines, including (but not limited to) behavioral health, internal medicine, specialty services (like BMC's hospital-based Food Pantry) and pediatrics, while also addressing social determinants of health such as food, shelter and clothing. The center's work is rooted in an ongoing mission to provide a safe haven and the highest level of holistic care to its patients, setting them on a path toward healing and recovery.