Social Work/Care Management Fund

For patients facing extraordinary challenges, support services and provisions are essential to their well-being. Through the Social Work/Care Management Fund, Boston Medical Center's providers are able to reach beyond clinic walls to ensure all patients are receiving the care and goods they need in order to thrive. From transportation assistance to and from the hospital for appointments, to warm winter clothing from the BMC Clothing Bank, the fund enables BMC to make an immediate impact in patients' lives. A lifeline for BMC's most vulnerable patients—many of whom are immersed in short-term financial crises—the fund enables BMC to cover the costs of emergency expenses while social workers help individuals and families find the resources and services they need to stabilize their lives.

People assisted by the fund generally come from Boston's poorest neighborhoods, with the vast majority being very low-income families, elders and people with disabilities who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis.