The SPARK Center

The SPARK (Supporting Parents and Resilient Kids) Center is a medically-therapeutic childcare facility and day program offering comprehensive, integrated, state-of-the-art services for children and families whose lives are affected by medical, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. The only program of its kind in New England, SPARK provides specialized programs to 50-60 of Boston's highest-risk infants and children up to five years of age each year. The mission of the center is to help Boston’s highest-risk children build brighter tomorrows, which is achieved through educational services, medical support and mental health intervention.

The center started out as a serving children with HIV/AIDS and has since expanded to include children suffering from Failure to Thrive, developmental disabilities, abuse and neglect and, most recently, babies who were born too early and too small. Children learn the skills and values to succeed in school and develop rewarding adult lives by learning to believe in themselves, make healthy choices, cope with emotional problems, achieve in school and gain success as adults.