Boston Marathon

Supporting Boston Medical Center in the Boston Marathon

To kick off this next chapter in Boston Medical Center's journey, the funds raised through this year's marathon team will go toward Vision 2030. This will drive key investments in the following areas, as well as other endeavors.

  • Affordable Supportive Housing Projects: BMC will magnify its support of a diverse group of housing projects in communities where many of its patients already live.
  • Workforce Development Initiative: BMC will partner with community-based organizations to grow and develop targeted programs aimed at enhancing residents' options to access livable wage jobs.
  • Behavioral Health: BMC will expand behavioral health resources and services across every department of the hospital in addition to immediate neighborhoods in order for patients to stay well.
  • Substance Use Programs: BMC will strengthen proven developmentally- and culturally-appropriate, stigma-free substance use treatment and harm reduction services by collaborating with community partners so more patients, no matter where they reside, can be on the road to long-term recovery.
  • Community Wellness Advocates: BMC will build upon the new workforce it is creating to eliminate barriers to care and better connect patients to essential resources so they can lead productive, full lives.