Why We Swim, Bike and Run: Boston Triathlon

Substance use is on the rise. In Massachusetts, there are four times more deaths from opioid overdose in 2014 than there were deaths from motor vehicle accidents, and nationally there has been an 108% increase in heroin use in 18 to 25-year-olds.

The unprecedented epidemic of opioid overdose and death is the most pressing public health crisis of our time, killing nearly four Massachusetts residents every day in 2015. Today, with the rising use of fentanyl, an exceptionally potent and dangerous new opioid, that number is only expected to increase. It is an inescapable fact that the opioid crisis is not happening to others—it is happening to each and every one of us, in our own backyards. It is devastating our communities, robbing our children, our family members and our friends of their lives and precious futures.

Boston Medical Center has long led the charge, tackling addiction patient by patient with nationally-recognized, innovative services designed for individual needs. From programs tailored for young adolescents to urgent care that provides life-changing medications on the spot, Boston Medical Center has developed a premier system of integrated care that stands as a national model with promise to end the epidemic. We won't stop until families no longer have to feel the pain of losing a loved one to addiction—no other hospital in our country is better equipped to make this goal a reality.

BMC’s addiction treatment programs provide:

  • A multidisciplinary team, including addiction medicine specialists, clinical social workers, addiction nurses, patient navigators and program managers.
  • An integrative approach into the primary care setting so patients have access to routine health care needs, such as HIV and hepatitis C screenings and treatment, contraception management and psychiatry.
  • Effective partners in the community to find patients and build relationships (i.e. Project Trust, AHOPE, Harvard Square shelter).

With the support of Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the Boston Triathlon, we aim to raise $100,000 to support BMC's addiction programs and fight the epidemic plaguing our community.

To read more about BMC's addiction treatment programs, please click here. Or to learn more about one of our patients and her inspiring struggle with addiction please click here.