Let's Go Boston Celtics!

All of us at BMC are excited the Boston Celtics are back in the NBA Finals. Did you know that the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation is a generous BMC supporter? We’re cheering extra loudly for the Celtics in the halls of BMC! Plus, our community shared some good luck wishes below. Enjoy!

Good luck, Boston Celtics, and thanks for all you do for BMC and Boston!

Go Celtics! We’re rooting for you!

To the Boston Celtics: The team that made my mother care about sports, and one of the first professional sports teams my husband saw when he first moved to the United States. We’re rooting for you, we’re behind you as a city, and congratulations on your history, legacy, and continued success! All in for Boston! Best, Leanne Scorzoni, Pravijay Prakash, Mary Lynch, and Andrea Hall

I’m so happy to see the team, OUR CELTICS, play so well. We’re rooting for you all the way. We’re also grateful that your Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation support made the launch of BMC’s Curbside Care mobile unit possible.

LET’S GO !!!!

Good luck, Boston Celtics!


Go Celtics – you will definitely win the series! Looking forward to celebrating with you at the parade. Laura Harrington, RN

Well, Celtics Team! You’ve proved you are lucky sometimes. Then showed everyone the team is good. Now It’s Go Time!! SHOW YOUR GREATER THAN ALL NBA THIS YEAR!

Feel like I’m watching the Celtics of the 80s all over again, what a team! I’ll be doing the Shamrock Shake at the Gahhhden Watch Pahhty! Bring it home, Celtics! #itsdifferenthere

Bring home championship #18!

Go C’s! You got this!

Good luck! You will do it, no pressure! Best wishes, Abel

Let’s go Celtics! You got this. – Margaret from Worcester

Go Celtics!! Proud to have been rooting you on from Section 325 since 2001! Bring home 18!

Go Celtics! The laurels drought is over. Rekindle the Boston Glory. You can do this. Go Celtics, Go.

Good Luck! I love the team. I will be rooting for you all the way through the Finals. Wish I could be in person to root for you. Me and hubby will be screaming at the tv all the way.

Fellas! The City of Boston is so proud of you!! Keep up the fabulous work!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS! Banner 18 is on the way!! Thank you for your efforts! – Linda W.

We are rooting for you, Celtics!


Great job on a great season. Go Celtics!!!

Go Celtics! You got this! Much luck sent! Love to all the players!

You are the best team. Bring the crown – make us happy. Good luck, Celtics !

I wish them all the luck, and wish i can go to a game one day!

Bleeding Green at BMC SNICU… Let’s Go Celtics!!

Good luck ya’ll!

So proud to be an avid Celtics fan and a BMC employee. Your hard work and dedication are paying off. Here’s to Banner 18! – Plange family

Go Celtics! Congratulations on making it to the Finals this is the year. Thanks for your support for the much-needed programs here at BMC. #BMCstrong#CelticsNation – Sherine Henry, RN

The city really needed the joy, fun, great spirit and excitement that you brought back to the city this spring. It was much needed so thank you from a lifelong die-hard Celtics fan since 1976 who saw them win their 13th Championship during our country’s bicentennial year! Please bring it home again!

Congratulations to the entire team on a remarkable achievement. Best of luck!

Woohoo! Let’s go Celtics!! I love you Boston Celtics! From, Barbara Corbin

Go for the trophy! Go Celtics!

Go Celtics! Number 18 banner is waiting.

You are the best – you are the Champions! Beat the Mavericks!

Hey Cs! Banner 18 here we come. Cheering you guys on every step of the way. Let’s go get ’em #BleedGreen

Luck of the Irish with you guys.

Never give up – all green

I’m with you Boston Celtics! Get number #18

Go Celtics Go! All the fans are with you to celebrate. GOOD LUCK!

Let’s goooooo Celtics! Sweep them!

Go Green! The best!