Golfing in Gratitude: Corey Repucci’s Story

At the age of 27, Corey was newly married, had just begun his career as a civil engineer, and led an active lifestyle. One day, he began experiencing weakness on the left side of his body. He called his wife, Hillary, and drove to see his primary care physician. Corey didn’t know it yet, but he was having a stroke.

After years of inconclusive diagnoses, Corey received his official diagnosis from his BMC neurologist David Greer, MD: he had Moyamoya disease. It’s a rare blood vessel disorder that causes the carotid artery in the skull to become blocked or hindered, causing strokes. Moyamoya affects one in every one million people in the United States, and is most commonly found in Japan, Korea, and China.

Corey underwent brain surgery in October 2018, followed by a second surgery a few months later to reduce the possibility of another stroke. Grateful for his complete recovery, Corey founded Strokes for Stroke golf tournament, born out of his passion for golf.

It was a hobby he frequented with his friends and one that brings joy to Corey in both peaceful and stressful times. Following his surgical recoveries, Corey wanted to bridge his passions for golf and charitable giving to create a community fundraiser to give back to the many doctors and nurses who cared for him at Boston Medical Center and surrounding hospitals.

“I found the support team of nurses, technicians and administrators at BMC to be top-notch and will be forever grateful for their care during all phases of my Moyamoya journey. Dr. Greer has become a true friend throughout this process.”

The first Strokes for Stroke golf tournament held in July 2022 at Meadow Brook Golf Club in Reading, MA, raised $9,000 for BMC’s neurology department. This year’s event was another success, raising $8,500 for BMC.

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