Preparing High School Students for Lifelong Careers

Every high school student deserves the opportunity to pursue their interests beyond the classroom. Now, thanks to a job training and educational program recently launched by Boston Medical Center and The Possible Project, students at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School who are interested in health care have that chance.

Students, from sophomores to seniors, visit BMC for career trainings and job shadowing. This direct instruction teaches them the technical skills necessary for both medical assistant and certified nursing assistant positions. Through the program, students receive a hands-on, project-based experience that is often left off the table in traditional classrooms.

“As one of the region’s largest employers, we know firsthand that the greatness of our city and hospital comes from the many faces in our community,” says BMC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Lisa Kelly-Croswell, who is the driving force behind this new partnership. “There is tremendous talent and heart in Boston’s public schools and neighborhoods. Our collective efforts and enthusiasm will translate into educational and job opportunities for students, as well as advance our vision to make Boston the healthiest urban population in the world.”

The Possible Project, a nonprofit organization, also provides Madison Park students with skills beyond what’s taught in the classroom. Together, the Possible Project and BMC’s training will teach students an entrepreneurial mindset, professionalism, team spirit and communications and customer service skills. The goal is to provide mindsets and soft skills that are crucial to success in today’s economy, particularly when combined with the technical expertise students gain at BMC.

At the end of the school year, seniors will be eligible to apply for open medical assistant and nursing assistant jobs, as well as support services roles at BMC. Currently, more than 500 positions are available.

“With the need for qualified health care personnel on the rise, it is paramount that we, career vocational technical education high schools, prepare our students to meet that demand,” says Kevin McCaskill, executive director of Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. “An alliance with BMC is a game changer for us and we are truly thankful and grateful for the role The Possible Project played in developing this partnership.”