Scott Dayer: 9 miles, 11 hills, 2,000 feet of elevation for BMC

The steep Blue Hills Skyline Trail in Milton, MA, may seem daunting to most, but to Scott Dayer and Dave Twitchell, it was a challenge they were willing to accept to support a good cause. Dayer and Twitchell are the creators of the Blue Hills Traverse, a 9-mile trail run in support of the Developmental and Pediatrics Fund at BMC. Their motivation is simple. “Most of us have kids, and we want others to have the same access to care that our families have,” Dayer says.

Becoming a community fundraiser for BMC is easy—participants choose a fundraising idea, create a page on the Community Fundraiser website to share with friends, then raise critical funds for BMC programs!

Dayer was surprised to learn that creating a fundraising page on the Community Fundraiser website took less than ten minutes. “This is probably the first time in my life that I’ve organized a fundraiser, and the experience was extremely easy,” Dayer says.

“Raising money for an important organization just added to the excitement that we all felt when we got to the end of the run.” —Scott Dayer, BMC community fundraiser

Once the Blue Hills Traverse fundraiser page was created, runners visited the webpage and donated. Dayer gathered a small group to run the first Blue Hills Traverse in December of 2021—no small feat with 11 steep hills, with 2,000 feet of total elevation gain. The run concludes at Trillium Brewery in Canton, MA. He coordinated the next run in November of 2022, with more than double the participants, custom T-shirts, and the added goal of raising $1,000 for BMC, which the group surpassed by $200. Dayer was so motivated by the team’s enthusiasm and fundraising success that he pledged to make the Blue Hills Traverse annual.

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