Teen Gives Back to BMC


Nami, 16, has always been passionate about helping others. As a sophomore at Holliston High School, Nami has explored volunteer opportunities, including tutoring children. When Nami expressed interest in volunteering in a hospital setting, her mom, a BMC employee, mentioned the BMC summer volunteer program. Nami knew she had to apply.

At BMC, Nami worked closely with the hospital’s Child Witness to Violence Project (CWVP). She often was present in pediatric play spaces to help make doctor’s appointments less stressful for children and their families. Nami was inspired to do even more. Nami created the Teen Doubles Tennis community fundraiser, born out of her love of tennis, a sport she often plays with her dad and brother. She worked with officials in her hometown to gain permits to use the tennis courts and posted on the town’s Facebook page to promote the event. The tournament raised $200 for BMC’s Child Witness to Violence program.

Nami strongly encourages other teens to get involved with organizations they care about. While the college admissions process incentivizes young people to volunteer, Nami believes it is a great way to discover what you’re passionate about.

Since volunteering with BMC and creating her own community fundraiser, Nami has decided she wants to pursue more opportunities in healthcare. Nami says, “BMC is for everyone. Everyone is so engaged in their work. Employees really try making everyone’s experience stress-free, because coming to a hospital can be scary sometimes.” Nami continues to be inspired by BMC’s commitment to care for all in our community, and wants to pursue a career that will help people in similar ways.

Take inspiration from a hobby you love and create your own fundraiser in support of Boston Medical Center. Learn more.