Community Fundraising: The Most Creative Way to Give Back

There is no limit to what you can do to change the lives of thousands of BMC patients.

There are endless creative ways you can give back to Boston Medical Center outside a traditional donation. Sometimes it is as easy as “donating” your birthday and having friends give to the hospital in lieu of gifts or sometimes it is as simple as participating in an athletic event and raising money on behalf of your program of choice. Community fundraising, also known as third party fundraising, is a fun approach to support a cause near and dear to your heart without having to open your personal wallet.

For Malissa Danforth, manager of the Diagnostic and Film Library in Diagnostic Radiology, hosting an annual denim day for fellow BMC employees is her unique and inspired method to raise significant funds for breast cancer patients. The clever fundraiser allows employees to donate five dollars or more in exchange for permission to wear jeans for the day. The 10th annual Denim Day for Breast Cancer was held this past October with a fundraising goal of $3,000. All funds raised directly supported BMC’s cancer patients by purchasing wigs, scarves, transportation assistance to and from treatments, alternative comfort treatments for pain management, etc. The effort went above and beyond, quickly surpassing its goal and raising approximately $4,550 in just a short few days—all because some colleagues wanted to wear jeans.

“Staff feel good about the money they helped to raise, and in turn, this day has given us an added benefit of boosting morale and increasing staff satisfaction and comradery. Doing good deeds together and contributing to help others in need always makes people feel more connected,” says Malissa. “Our goal is to have an Annual BMC Denim Day and to have the entire hospital join in donating to this great cause.”

If community fundraising isn’t easy enough on its own, the platform in which you manage your event makes it even easier. Creating a fundraiser, whether you’re honoring a loved one or hosting a read-a-thon at your child’s school, is done through our new community fundraising website. This tool allows you to create a hub for your fundraiser, where you can describe the event, set a goal, encourage friends and family members to participate and oversee all incoming donations. You can also send out personalized thank you emails to your donors.

For more than 20 years, our donors have stood by our side, helping us lead the charge in our medical and social endeavors and change the trajectory of our patients’ lives as a result. We are excited to launch this new opportunity in which our friends can give back in more poignant and inventive ways.