Vision 2030: A Letter from Kate Walsh, BMC President and CEO

Dear Friends:

What does it mean for Boston to be the healthiest urban population in the world and what will it take to achieve such a lofty goal? That’s what we’re tackling with our Boston Medical Center Vision 2030. In this issue of Inspire you’ll read more about what we’re doing to make our vision a reality.

Historically, hospitals have only focused on the medical care within their walls. But that’s not enough to address the upstream factors that can dramatically affect good health.

Boston Medical Center has long recognized that much of what impacts a patient’s overall health goes well beyond traditional medical care. By treating more than the acute health issue at hand we also address the underlying barriers to health, like housing and food insecurity. That approach has always been important, but it is an especially key strategy as we transition to an accountable care model.

Vision 2030 encompasses this longstanding belief—that by investing in the root causes of urban health issues, our patients benefit, and along with them whole communities. This effort links us with partners across the city—community health workers, school advocates, social workers and more—joining together to improve the health of our neighborhoods.

In taking up this challenge, we’re excited and energized by the possibilities. Boston Medical Center has always been a pioneer, developing creative, unique ways to take care of a complicated patient population. Vision 2030 is a natural next step for a hospital that’s always finding ways to evolve and innovate for the people we proudly serve.

Thank you for your strong and consistent support as we move ahead. I look forward to keeping you updated on Vision 2030 over the next few years, and I hope this cause inspires you as much as it inspires me. BMC wouldn’t be the academic medical institution it is today if we didn’t take on goals that seem overly ambitious or unachievable—and then show they can be achieved. At BMC, we thrive on challenges and know our most life-changing work takes root in the most difficult of circumstances.



Kate Walsh
President and CEO