Yawkey Foundation: Ensuring All Kids Can Thrive

With help from a $3 million grant from the Yawkey Foundation, BMC’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic will move under the same roof as Pediatrics, General Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, centralizing services for children and their families.

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Richies’ Life with Sickle Cell

Richies is your average 10-year-old—he likes video games, playing pranks, and social studies. He also has sickle cell disease, a condition that results in red blood cells becoming sickle shaped, causing pain, organ damage, and debilitating side effects.

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Frederick Powell: From BMC Resident to Runner

Driven by his experience as a BMC resident responding to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and by the care he received as a BMC patient, Frederick is set to tackle the 2023 Boston Marathon as a member of Team BMC.

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